“Ellen Continues to be one of the most inspiring talented singer/songwriters working today.”Keep on singin, girl! You have a gorgeous voice. Your work is fantastic…you are as good as it gets in every way that matters –your passion, your voice, your musicianship, your meticulous recordings.”
-Christine Lavin Recording Artist & Singer Songwriter

From Menopause to Marijuana. From Peace to Politics From Poignant to Provocative. . . Ellen Bukstel writes and sings about it all. This type of happy-sad, life embracing, fear-overcoming emotional schizophrenia truly captures the spirit of modern independent music making—whatever the artist feels in that moment, she shares…and whatever else Ellen is, she’s not shy about it. For Bukstel, music is a way of expressing her joys, her sorrows and her passions —bringing her listeners to tears and laughter and sometime both at the same time.

    A veteran to the stage since childhood, she has been honored with close to 50 Songwriting and Music Video awards and acknowledgments since 2002 by such notable competitions such as John Lennon, Paul Stookey’s Music To life, New Zealand Int’l Peace Song, Breaking the Silence in Song, Kerrville NewFolk, just to name a few. And, her songs are making a huge difference in people’s lives.   

     Renowned as an activist who puts her passions to song, Ellen has been commissioned to write songs and produced numerous multiple award winning fundraising music videos which have collectively helped to raise almost one hundred million dollars sing 2006 and are being used as tools to raise awareness of important social issues such as Housing the Homeless  and Assistance Victims of Domestic Violence, Human Rights and care for Children with wide spectrum Autism and Elderly with Cerebral Deterioration.

     Her songwriting journey began after losing her husband Doug Segal to AIDS in 1988. Doug was a hemophiliac who contacted HIV from his blood products and died at age 36 leaving Ellen with their three children Brett, Todd and Margo. Doug and Ellen spoke out publically hundred of times sharing their personal story in schools, churches, synagogues, educating the community about AIDS.  They also spoke to the “Presidents Commission on AIDS” when they came to her home town city, Miami, FL. Ellen was honored as a Torch Runner for the 1996 Olympics for her service to the community.

     Ellen expresses her imagination with her beautiful voice, guitar and keyboard. Her award winning songs chronicle the joys and sorrows of a colorful tapestry still being woven…She conveys love and a depth of concern for the ever-increasing threats to our world and to our own individual rights. All this is related to the audience through a brave, though humorous and earthy connection between the world of musical performance and that of the social “bard” or “troubadour” from which the most powerful and relevant strand of folk music derives it’s roots. It’s not an act. It’s real




“Ellen Bukstel's beautiful voice and poignant lyrics on her track, "You’re Not Better Than Me" create an anthem and a voice for the thousands of survivors and victims of Domestic Violence who hopefully know that they are not alone. I was honored to have judged the song contest that led us to Ellen–an amazing artist and spirit. Watch the video, listen to the song and you will know what I know–that Ellen has managed to capture the horror of Domestic Violence while providing hope for thousands – all in a ballad that stands on its own as a great song.”  – Michael Bolton Two Time Grammy winner


"You are one of the most wonderful talents to ever grace our stage. Yes, you entertain us, you make us laugh an cry, but you also make us think! And, if I may echo what everyone says– what a voice!  Your song "By My Silence" deserves every prize and accolade it has received. It is a timeless theme that is, frightening enough, though always contemporary." – Walter McKenzie White Springs Folk CONCERTS / FL


“Ellen is possibly the best solo artist we’ve had. She has a phenomenal voice and I’d love to have her back any time. She is also a great entertainer 

and I had several people request that we bring her back ASAP so we can work her in any time she’s up from Florida.”

– Phil Bowling Sacred Grounds Coffeehouse / Durham, NC