“Lisa and Erika have world-class talent for sure, but what leaves their voices and guitar magic in the dust are the lyrics, the passion, the love, and the connection that bond everyone in the theater together as they give out the energy of the universe.”

Fire and honey. Lightning and gold. Fusing earthiness with the transcendent, Lisa and Erika’s voices blend so seamlessly we forget there are two of them and the multi-faceted guitar playing is so versatile that one instrument becomes a funk band or a trio of flamenco playing gypsies. Whether singing in English, Spanish, Portuguese or French, these extraordinarily talented artists are far more than the sum of their parts. Their unique brand of music offers a feast of Sonic Nourishment. Dubbed "Shamans of Song," "Goddesses on the run," and "Ambassadors of kindness," these two internationally acclaimed songwriters tour the world, now featuring their latest album, Leaning Toward The Good

Before joining efforts, each musician spent years polishing her craft, gaining accolades and awards in her wake. As a child, Lisa heard vibrations emanating from flowers and trees, symphonies ringing from the garden. She sang what she heard and developed a dynamic range that allowed her to interpret the music of the world. Whether inspiring congregations, leading sizzling dance bands or melting audiences with stirring interpretations of jazz standards, every note and breath is infused with her soulful awareness. Ferraro’s voice and presence command attention and exude the sublime.

Erika was steeped in the pulse of the planet with her transcontinental upbringing. Born in Mexico and raised in Venezuela and Brazil, she listened to the dance of her surroundings: the sambas and rancheras

swaying through the streets, the songs of frogs in the trees. Each element found expression through her

instrument and voice. Her innovative guitar playing emerged from the desire to create an orchestra of sound from only six strings.

Their trajectories first intersected in 2006 while performing at a festival in the American heartland. Hearing their remarkable vocal blend, Lisa and Erika began to explore a musical collaboration. Within months, they teamed up with Sufi scholar and author, Kabir Helminski, to create a collection of songs inspired by the 13th  century mystic poet, Rumi. A short time later, they arrived in the captivating richness of Istanbul collaborating and recording with Turkish musicians for their album entitled

On The Way of Love: Songs Inspired by Rumi. Their music ignited a surge of invitations across the globe from Melbourne, Australia,  across the US, Canada, Mexico and Europe.

 They have recorded five albums together, with their latest,  Leaning Toward The Good,offering a rich harvest of songs rooted in deep grooves and powerful vocals. Not ones to remain constrained by stylistic labels, these two artists deliver a broad feast of delectable music – from intelligent pop to world fusion. Produced by multi instrumentalist, Julie Wolf (Ani DiFranco, Maceo Parker, Indigo Girls, Carly Simon) this CD features a powerhouse band including Curt Bisquera (Johnny Cash, Elton John, Tom Petty, Bonny Raitt) on drums, Paul Olguin (Maria Muldaur, Shanna Morrison) on bass, Bay Area percussion luminary, Michaelle Goerlitz, Venezuelan cuatro virtuoso, Jackeline Rago, and Donna Viscuso on flute.Together, these two artists ignite and uplift audiences around the globe. Those who have had the

opportunity to hear them in concert comment on the effect: “I was so inspired and moved by the ‘exper

ience’ of the music the way they are so in it, feeling each and every note, so much passion expressed, so satisfying to witness how they tap into the source of creation and channel it through with such power and grace. Their voices and energies combine to create a force field of angelic light.” Whether “angelic light” or simply a powerful bolt of goodness, their level of artistry, passion and intelligence come together to create a transformational musical experience. It’s more than entertainment. Call it “Sonic

Nourishment” or “Music for a New Millennium, “ it’s simply extraordinary music forextraordinary times.